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How to order

Simple International Ordering Procedure:
1. To place a order, e-mail us your order information (include model name & quantity of the goods).
2. We will e-mail you the quotation as soon as  receiving your order.
3. Please send the payment to us if you accept the quotation.
4. Please e-mail us your shipping address after you send the payment to us.
5. We will ship the goods to you after receive your payment.
1. Shipping way: All of the goods you ordered will be shipped to you by China Post(by AIR or by SAL). You can receive them in 7~14 days by air, 15~30 days by SAL, different days to different country.
2. Shipping fee for international order:

   By Air: US$23 for <0.6kg, US$29 for 0.7~1kg, US$37 for 1~1.5kg, US$45 for 1.5~2kg, US$56 for 2~3kg, US$68 for 3~4kg, etc.
   For example, US$23 for 2 shirts, US$29 for 4 shirts, US$37 for 6 shirts, US$45 for 8 shirts or 1~2 rackets, US$56 for 10 shirts or 3~4 rackets, US$68 for 13 shirts or 7 rackets, etc.

   By SAL: US$16 for <1kg, US$25 for 1~1.5kg, US$30 for 1.5~2kg, US$39 for 2~3kg, US$50 for 3~4kg, etc.
   For example, US$16 for 4 shirts, US$25 for 6 shirts, US$30 for 8 shirts or 1~2 rackets, US$39 for 10 shirts or 3~4 rackets, US$50 for 13 shirts or 7 rackets, etc.
3. Shipping fee for order shuttlecocks:
   By SAL: US$38 for 10 dozens, US$52 for 20 dozens, US$70 for 30 dozens, US$95 for 40 dozens, US$110 for 50 dozens, etc.
   By Air: US$60 for 10 dozens, US$91 for 20 dozens, US$137 for 30 dozens, US$166 for 40 dozens, US$170 for 50 dozens, etc.
1. You can send money to us online by Credit Cards on Western Union's website (http://www.westernunion.com).
2. You can send cash to us at Western Union's office, you can find your local Western Union's office on http://www.westernunion.com.
3. You can pay with Paypal, our Paypal account: bbeshop@sina.com. You must add 4% of total price as handling charge.
4. You can send money to our bank account by Telegraphic Transfer(Bank Account Transfer) in your local bank. You must add 18$ as handling charge.

PS: All prices quoted are in US dollars. If you would like to convert US dollars to your currency, you can calculate on this website: www.xe.net/ucc/

Our bank account:

SWIFT/Routing No.: BKCHCNBJ110
Tel. of Bank: +86-10-62140797
Client Account Number:
Client Name:
Li Yueyi

Our address in China:

Bluesky Sports Shop,
Floor 1st, Building 5, Weigongcun Road 8, Haidian District, Beijing, China.
Postcode: 100081
Phone No.: +86-10-62186263, 13051037586

Our location on Map:

map_bbeshop_wgc_en.jpg (89461 ֽ)

Thanks again for visiting our website. We welcome your feedback. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail us.

http://www.bbeshop.com  E-mail: bbeshop@163.com or bteshop@163.com

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